We offer an extensive range of avocado rootstock and avocado production cultivars grown mainly from selected seed and scions from our own orchards. The Anderson avocado orchards are the most diverse in the nation, and include varieties developed on-farm to meet the needs of horticulturalists in all locations. All trees have been virus indexed, meaning that our plant material has been guaranteed free of sunblotch virus.

Anderson Horticulture has a long history of research and development in the avocado and other horticultural industries. We are active participants and strong supporters of many short and long term projects involving government, educational and industry research programs. NIASA nursery accreditation and ANVAS tree indexation ensure industry best practice standards are maintained, these certifications are as long as the accreditations are old.

Our highly regarded reputation nationally is due to our experienced, accredited and diverse management team, strict hygiene and quality control at all stages of production, competent staff and valuable feedback from our clients.

Because it takes approximately nine months to produce a young grafted tree, buyers usually place orders two years in advance, specifying the root stock and fruit variety required.

Popular root stocks include Popular fruit varieties include
Kidd Hass
Reed Reed
Velvick Sharwil
Zutano Shepard

A comprehensive product range of other varieties can also be sourced and supplied from our own orchards.

We provide for and conduct numerous research and development trials, working with The University of Queensland and Queensland DPI with several institutions involvements. Our clonal propagation work is exclusively towards the development of the avocado industry. We are excited to provide solutions to any questions pertaining to any aspects of, and work with industry development.