Current Projects

Home field cataloguing and breeding program:
Our new field management team are bringing the avocado industry forward in Australia by cataloguing the current tried and tested trees in Anderson Horticultures Home Field. These catalogued trees are being culled by the yield they provide over multiple years, the reason for doing this is two fold in its benefits for the avocado industry.

The nursery material that is collected from these trees is able to be monitored in the growers own fields with data supplied in the form of a RFID chip embedded in the seed of the trees coming out of our nursery. These trees can be tracked through the lifetime of their productivity and if of a desirable rootstock or production cultivar then a breeding program can be put in place around the parent trees.

The second benefit is that the overall quality of avocado varieties coming out of our nursery gates is constantly being improved with the weaker strains having been systematically culled. Both aspects providing for a stronger future in the Australian avocado industry.

Providing a reliable year round, nationwide avocado supply:

We are working with Allesbeste nursery in South Africa to bring the Maluma avocado variety into Australia’s supply chain. Maluma is an ideal fit into the gaps of the Australian avocado supply, however as the good comes with the bad there is many adjustments in growing, picking and managing the fruit in our subtly different climate. Anderson Horticulture are committed to helping our growers drill into and unpack these new problems with our strong connections to the Maluma experts in various countries we are your bridge to the solutions for this new variety.

One of these many solutions entails a trial of trellising the Maluma trees to take advantage of their unique branching and phenology properties. We are not stopping there however, with this new systematic way of propagating avocados our resident mechanical engineer is working on a mechanical avocado picker to reduce growers labour costs, allow for more consistent work flow and help to provide a reliable picking pattern that coincides with the Maluma post harvesting requirements.

New field plantings:

We have been in the process of preparing new land over the past few years and can finally confirm the planting of new seed material fields. These trees have been grown in our nursery from budwood selectively picked from the most precocious trees nationwide, allowing us to hold claim to the most premium strains of rootstock material. Our new plantings have been structured in our best forecast of the avocado industry considering domestic trends and international advice from our current travels, meaning for the industry a more reliable supply and greater variety for the rootstocks that our growers demand!

Budwood selection program:

Our material selection specialist, who has worked in all areas of our industry for the past 30 years has been continuously providing our clients and growers with the healthiest and always disease resistant material to flow onto our premium quality avocado trees. He has recently trained three new selectors in the field and is continuing with them in working at the hard end of providing Australia with the most reliable and best quality fruit possible.

The team at Anderson Horticulture are committed to the entire Avocado industry. We appreciate the fast pace that avocados are being consumed and growing in every culture around the world, as such our endeavour to provide our growers with the most up to date market trends takes us into these cultures, talking to the industry experts and continuing to expand our repertoire of expert advisors.

By keeping growers in the loop with market trends we can provide the best advice for which tree varieties are predicted to be of value come fruit bearing time, these progressive growers are our target clients, growers which reap the rewards of first mover advantage!