Anderson Horticulture Pty Ltd is a specialist avocado nursery supplying WHOLESALES of young trees to orchadists and nurseries throughout Australia. We achieve strict disease and quality control at all stages of production.

  • Our orchards are indexed and certified by ANVAS
  • Our nursery is NIASA accredited
  • Unproductive trees are culled to ensure scion integrity
  • Seed fruit is harvested a minimum of 1 meter above ground level
  • Seed fruit is disinfected prior to seed extraction
  • Potting media and containers are steam pasteurized prior to use
  • Potting media is soil less and sourced from NIASA accredited suppliers
  • The entire nursery is on sealed surfaces
  • All stages of the production are on steel benches at least 50cm high
  • Nursery water is filtered, chlorinated and tested prior to use
  • Strict quarantine rules apply to all equipment and staff
  • trees from other sources are totally forbidden

Our standard scion stock (fruit varieties) commonly supplied include of;

  • Hass
  • Lamb Hass
  • Shepard
  • Fuerte
  • Reed
  • Pollinators
  • Sharwil

Our standard root stock commonly supplied include of;

  • Reed
  • Kidd
  • Nabal
  • Velvick
  • Zutano
  • A8
  • A10

We have other stocks that can be further inquired.